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Current Focus: UI, Tools, and Engine Programming

Current Goal: I want to become a more generalist programmer by working across many different disciplines and projects. Using the skills I acquire from these projects, I want to expand my personal game engine into a form that can produce quality games.


Orcs Must Die! Unchained

22 months - 2017
UI/Tools Programmer
(88 Developers)
  • Modified UE3’s input system to allow for bindable multi-input commands.
  • Created tool for artists to create customized loading screens.
  • Rewrote Flash minimap to minimize tick cost and draw call count.
  • Vingine

    10 months - 2015
    Sole Developer
  • Wrote codebase for custom C++ game engine.
  • Added multiplatform support for Android and HTML5.
  • Built entity-component system framework for gameplay code.
  • Super Slash n’ Grab

    7 months - 2014
    Lead Programmer
    (15 Developers)
  • Implemented Scaleform HUD and all menu systems.
  • Created custom cutscene player in Flash for UDK game.
  • Built UDK class for on-the-fly text localization.
  • Planned and managed tasks for three-programmer team.
  • Akhet

    5 months - 2014
    Lead Programmer
    (8 Developers)
  • Managed network and replication code for multiplayer game.
  • Constructed custom game mode for multiplayer FPS.
  • Explained programming progress at milestone presentations.
  • Professor Cadbury

    3 months - 2013
    Sole Programmer
    (6 Developers)
  • Developed core gameplay code for 2D platformer.
  • Wrote Lua scripts for all UI, including HUD and menus.
  • Flexibly implemented unexpected features that were needed mid-milestone.
  • Skills


    Adept =Average Amateur




    C++03 Unreal Engine 3 User Interface Implementation
    UnrealScript Scaleform/Flash Input Handling
    ActionScript 2.0 Perforce =Localization
    =ActionScript 3.0 =Renderdoc =Multiplatform Development
    C++11/14 Git Entity-Component Systems

    Work Experience

    Robot Entertainment

    June 2015-Present
    UI/Tools Programmer
  • Worked closely with UI artists to create Scaleform components that are easily modifiable from Unreal and Flash.
  • Built Kismet nodes to enable designers to create tutorial and postgame sequences.
  • Tweaked Unreal and Flash code and assets to support our PS4 team.
  • Kocks Beer & Wine

    1999 - 2015
  • Maintained all computers used by company.
  • Recorded and fulfilled orders for local restaurants.
  • Served customers as a cashier.
  • Education

    The Guildhall at SMU, Plano, Texas May 2015
    Certificate in Digital Game Development – Specialization in Software Development

    Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas May 2012
    Bachelor of Computer Science